During the epidemic, we took such measures

Face mask

Masks, gloves, shoe covers

All cleaners carry out cleaning with masks, gloves and shoe covers. The masks are changed regularly every 2 hours.


Temperature 36.6

Every morning and evening, the cleaners measure the temperature and send us a report. Cleaners with ARVI signs are not allowed on orders.



We have introduced a disinfection service that can be included in basic or express cleaning.



We have introduced a quartzing service that can be included in the general cleaning.

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What are we cleaning?







Stuffed Toys

Kitchen Area

How to order dry cleaning?

Leave a request on the site

We will promptly call you back to clarify exactly what needs to be cleaned and set a date for dry cleaning or assessment (if required).

Meet our specialist

We will arrive at the appointed time, do the dry cleaning and ask you to check the work. If you are satisfied with the result, you can pay by card or in cash.

Leave your review

We will be glad if you leave a review about our service after dry cleaning. And if you also recommend it to your friends, we will give you a discount :)

Feedback from our clients

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Ekaterina Kirichenko

I try to persuade myself that it is important to take care of the house, I give myself promises that I will .. And then wizards appear like Mee.sevices who do it better than me.

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Natalia Derkach

I recently returned to the country. The apartment was empty for a year. I contacted Mi Service on the recommendation. Olga Kliner did her job very well, and she is also a pleasant and tidy person.

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Alena Denga

The apartment has freshened up! The service worker came on time, was very attentive to the cleaning, not missing a single detail. I advise everyone.


Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture from Mee.services

Why you need to order dry cleaning from us, how we work and what result we guarantee you ✋Today, upholstered furniture is present in a quarter of apartments. It is an integral part of every home, it gives softness, coziness and, most importantly, comfort. Upholstered furniture and floor coverings are more common than we think, for example: every apartment usually has a sofa, a bed, perhaps some kind of armchairs or carpets.Due to frequent use in the upholstery and inside the sofa, armchair, ottomans, quarrels, crumbs, dust and small debris begin to accumulate. Experts recommend vacuuming the furniture by hand once a week to avoid the accumulation of dust and debris inside ✅. Most likely, everyone understands that dust, dust mites, microbes and bacteria are hidden in such furniture or floor coverings, but only a few know how to protect yourself and your family from all this and what kind of cleaning you need to carry out regularly.

Why is it worth ordering dry cleaning at home? ✋
Firstly, transporting a sofa or bed somewhere is problematic, difficult and not everyone can afford it. Moreover, it takes time and effort, which a modern person would not want.
Secondly, furniture can be damaged somewhere in the process of transportation, or get dirty again. This is especially true for delicate materials (leatherette).

Mee.servces will help you get rid of a range of contaminants ⭐:

  • food stains (wine, sauce, coffee, greasy marks and gum);
  • dirt, dust, debris;
  • traces of paint, plasticine, markers and ink.

How to properly care for upholstered furniture and who can do it? ✋
You can do it manually, but without professional equipment, you can ruin the furniture or harm yourself. Calling Mi Service, 2-3 masters will come to you, who will have a professional Kärcher steam cleaner, an American George vacuum cleaner with a nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture and a set of disinfectants and stain removers.