During the epidemic, we took such measures

    Face mask

    Masks, gloves, shoe covers

    All cleaners carry out cleaning with masks, gloves and shoe covers. The masks are changed regularly every 2 hours.


    Temperature 36.6

    Every morning and evening, the cleaners measure the temperature and send us a report. Cleaners with ARVI signs are not allowed on orders.



    We have introduced a disinfection service that can be included in basic or express cleaning.



    We have introduced a quartzing service that can be included in the general cleaning.

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    Why Mee.services?

    Team of professionals

    Professional cleaners who know all modern methods of high-quality cleaning of various types of surfaces.

    Individual approach

    We are always ready to provide a number of additional services that are not included in the standard set.

    Modern equipment

    Modern methods of cleansing and professional chemistry without aggressive components.


    The cost is always agreed upon prior to execution and does not change upon completion. Payment only after completed work.

    What is included in cleaning?

    Cleaning prices


    from 420 UAH Order


    from 575 UAH Order


    from 750 UAH Order


    from 875 UAH Order

    Cleaning subscription

    Why do you need a subscription?

    • Cleaning is 20% cheaper
    • We ourselves will remind you of cleaning and provide a cleaner
    • Subscription period is 30 days

    Feedback from our clients

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    Ekaterina Kirichenko

    I persuade myself that it is important to take care of the house, I give myself promises that I will .. And then wizards appear like Mee.sevices who do it better than me.

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    Natalia Derkach

    I recently returned to the country. The apartment was empty for a year. I contacted Mi Service on the recommendation. Olga Cleaner did her job very efficiently, and she is a pleasant and neat person herself.

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    Alena Denga

    The apartment is fresh! The service employee came on time, was very attentive to the cleaning, not missing a single detail. I advise everyone.

      Our cleaners


      Cleaning of apartments in Kiev ⚒

      Cleaning an apartment or house takes a lot of time and effort Then this issue can be solved together with “Mee.Services”. Our specialists know everything about perfect cleanliness, use professional equipment, know how to handle household chemicals, carefully and accurately do their job ⛑. An experienced cleaner will carry out a set of works to restore order in all rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom. At the same time, he will bring all the materials necessary for cleaning with him. The employee’s arsenal includes modern equipment and professional chemicals without aggressive components ✅.

      We can order regular cleaning in Kiev to maintain cleanliness, for example, 1-2 times a week or 2 times a month. General cleaning of apartments is also available.
      The cost of regular cleaning ⌚ depends on the number of rooms, the frequency of cleaning, the amount of work:

      1-room apartment – from 420 UAH
      2-room apartment – from 575 UAH
      3-room apartment – from 750 UAH
      4-room apartment – from 875 UAH

      Cleaning of an apartment with 1 bathroom once a week ⏳.
      The price is always agreed upon before the start of the work, it does not change after their completion.
      The standard set of services includes floor cleaning, dry and wet cleaning of all accessible surfaces from dust, washing furniture facades, wiping mirrored surfaces, washing skirting boards and taking out garbage.