During the epidemic, we took such measures

Face mask

Masks, gloves, shoe covers

All cleaners carry out cleaning with masks, gloves and shoe covers. The masks are changed regularly every 2 hours.


Temperature 36.6

Every morning and evening, the cleaners measure the temperature and send us a report. Cleaners with ARVI signs are not allowed on orders.



We have introduced a disinfection service that can be included in basic or express cleaning.



We have introduced a quartzing service that can be included in the general cleaning.

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What is included in general cleaning?

However, perhaps here you will find
answers to some questionsChecklist of general cleaning by the brigade from Mee.services


  • - washing the facades and roof of the kitchen unit;
  • - removal of traces of fat;
  • - washing the hob, removing traces of grease;
  • - cleaning kitchen work surfaces (countertops, bar counters), a work apron (wall panel of a kitchen set);
  • - cleaning the outside of kitchen appliances (refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, electric kettle, etc.);
  • - cleaning the hood and grease filter;
  • - cleaning and disinfection of sinks and taps, mixers;
  • - removal of traces of grease and oil stains in visible places;
  • - removal of local stains on the walls;
  • - disinfection, wet cleaning of garbage storage;
  • - wet cleaning of the dish drying section.


  • - cleaning and disinfection of plumbing fixtures (mixers, sinks, toilets, bidets);
  • - washing showers and baths;
  • - washing mirror and glass surfaces;
  • - cleaning tiles from the ceiling to the floor;
  • - remove plaque and scale.

General work

  • - removing cobwebs from recesses, walls, ceiling;
  • - dry and wet cleaning of floors and skirting boards (furniture moves, washes in hard-to-reach places);
  • - wet cleaning of radiators, pipes and batteries;
  • - wet cleaning of furniture facades (countertops, shelves, cabinets, bedside tables) and window sills;
  • - removal of dust from household appliances, interior items, lighting devices (at full height), except for crystal chandeliers;
  • - remove dust from switches, sockets and cords;
  • - washing door blocks and fittings;
  • - bringing visual order to the whole apartment or house;
  • - take out the trash.

Prices for general cleaning apartments

up to 40 m²

from 1900 UAH Order

up to 60 m²

from 2500 UAH Order

up to 80 m²

from 2900 UAH Order

up to 100 m²

from 3300 UAH Order

Prices for general cleaning at home

up to 100 m²

3500 - 4000 UAH Order

up to 150 m²

4000 - 4500 UAH Order

up to 200 m²

5000 - 5500 UAH Order

up to 250 m²

5500 - 6000 UAH Order

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However, perhaps here you will find
answers to some questions

“Clean even behind the batteries” - this is how the general cleaning of apartments and houses is carried out by the employees of Mee.Services. If the house has been renovated, a holiday is planned, relatives are expected to arrive, or if cleanliness is required, and there is a sorely lack of time to clean up, our specialists are ready to professionally help with this problem.

Mee.service masters with experience in the field of professional cleaning services are ready to perform:

  • cleaning in all rooms or a specific room;
  • wash windows and balcony blocks;
  • keep floors clean;
  • will clean furniture and carpets;
  • in bathrooms, all surfaces will be disinfected and plumbing will be treated;
  • ovens, refrigerators, hobs will be washed in kitchens without leaving a drop of fat.

All garbage after general cleaning will be disposed of, and the surfaces will be cleaned and washed using professional products. Mee.Services cleaners use professional chemistry and materials.

With daily activities, order is simply maintained and dust is wiped off. And in order not only to arrange things in their places, but to effectively and efficiently clean all surfaces, windows and interior elements, a complex of cleaning works will be required. In such cases:

  1. Our master is leaving;
  2. Evaluates the object;
  3. Defines the list and cost of providing services.

Covers general cleaning of apartments Kiev and the nearest "sleeping" areas of the city. Our employees arrive at any time convenient for the client. Moreover, seasonality does not matter. If it is freezing outside, and according to the contract it is required to wash the windows, the service will certainly be performed with high quality using special equipment.

Thanks to the correct approach to performing general cleaning in each room, an apartment or house will shine with cleanliness. And the owners will have to periodically maintain order on their own or using the services of responsible cleaners from Mee.Services. On our website the price of each type of cleaning is indicated. The cost of additional services is negotiated separately. The actions of each employee are systematized, so general cleaning of the house is carried out quickly and efficiently.

We honestly post all reviews left by our customers. Therefore, potential customers will be able to determine in advance the cleaner who will come to the call. The service can be performed in the presence of the owners or without them. In the second case, the keys to the apartment are left to our cleaner, who is responsible for the room and the safety of all things.

Important! The owner of the house cannot lock the employee of the cleaning company alone - this is prohibited by safety regulations. We also recommend arriving half an hour earlier and checking the quality of the work done.


What is spring cleaning from Mee.services?

In these rooms, it is recommended to start general cleaning by removing cobwebs on the ceiling and in each corner. Be sure to wipe the cornices and cabinets from above. All decor items and things from which you need to sweep the dust are removed from the sideboards and open shelves. As for the clothes.

Upholstered furniture and carpets are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner; dust is removed from all hard surfaces, wires, sockets, switches, baseboards. Polished countertops and fronts are polished with a special cleaner. Mirrors and floors are washed without streaks.
Our employees arrive on time, timing the trip. Such general cleaning of Kiev apartments, suburban areas and the ring road covers.

A bathroom and toilet or a combined toilet requires the use of special disinfectants and a greater investment of time. It is in these rooms that bacteria and microbes accumulate, and plaque forms on all surfaces and plumbing.
The correct approach to work speeds up the general cleaning of the bathroom.

Requires no less cost for spring cleaning in terms of time and effort. The scheme is considered effective when the refrigerator is first defrosted and washed out, the hood, oven, oven are cleaned.