During the epidemic, we took such measures

Face mask

Masks, gloves, shoe covers

All cleaners carry out cleaning with masks, gloves and shoe covers. The masks are changed regularly every 2 hours.


Temperature 36.6

Every morning and evening, the cleaners measure the temperature and send us a report. Cleaners with ARVI signs are not allowed on orders.



We have introduced a disinfection service that can be included in basic or express cleaning.



We have introduced a quartzing service that can be included in the general cleaning.

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What does Mee.services office cleaning consist of?

We remove jobs

We take care of plants

We do dry cleaning of carpets

We do wet cleaning of hard floors

We wash the dishes, take care of household appliances

Cleaning the sanitary rooms

We take out the trash and replace the trash bags

We wipe and polish office furniture

How is the process going?

We come to the assessment

Our manager comes to your office to assess the scope of work and cost

We conclude an agreement

Then - if everything suits you, we will draw up and sign an agreement for the agreed period.

We leave inventory

We leave our inventory (detergents, vacuum cleaner) at your office.

We come for cleaning regularly

Our cleaner will regularly come to you for cleaning. We agree on the time and days of cleaning in advance.

Our cleaners


Why you need to order general cleaning from us, how we work and what result we guarantee.

Why you need to order general cleaning from us, how we work and what result we guarantee.

The office is exactly the place where each employee spends most of the working day, performing their professional duties. Indeed, in order for our work to be truly effective and fruitful, it is very important that it takes place in a comfortable environment. And the most essential in this regard is the cleanliness of the office space.

Dust, dirt and various debris accumulate in modern offices at a tremendous rate. At the same time, they can not only cause your employees to feel unwell and lead to a decrease in their productivity, but also significantly reduce the presentability of your office in the eyes of business partners, customers or clients.

Помочь вам в решении этой проблемы способна профессиональная уборка офиса от специалистов нашей клининговой компании «Mee.Services» ✨. Мы обладаем огромным опытом в проведении подобных работ, а также точно знаем, как выполнять свою работу настолько безукоризненно, чтобы у клиента не оставалось к нам ни малейшего замечания.